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Enjoy a Truly Personalized Dining Experience with Ezio's Music at Mamma Rosa Ristorante

Ezio is a talented musician who was trained in Rome, Italy. He now plays the piano and accordion on Friday evenings beginning at 5:30 at Mamma Rosa Ristorante. Ezio is a versatile musician who can play a variety of genres, from classical to Sinatra and more. He is also happy to take requests from diners, so you can be sure to hear your favorite songs.

Ezio's music is the perfect accompaniment to a leisurely dinner at Mamma Rosa Ristorante. The warm sound of the piano and accordion creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. And with Ezio's willingness to take requests, you can be sure to have a truly personalized dining experience.

We hope you enjoy your Friday evening dining experience at Mamma Rosa Ristorante and Ezio's music!

Click the image below to experience the music of Ezio. 👇


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